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Cherusseri Namboothiri

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Cherusseri Namboothiri was a Malayalam poet who lived in the 15th century. He is known for her masterpiece work, Krishnagadha - the story of Lord Krishna based on the 10th canto of Srimad Bhaagavatham. It is the first mahakavyam of Malayalam and often described as the landmark work of Malayalam literature. It’s famous for its simplicity and this priceless work is immensely popular also. It is believed that Cherussry was a court poet of Udayavarma Raja of Kolathunadu and the designer of the Gaathha style of poetry in Malayalam. He is believed to be inspired from the lullaby sung by a mother while tuning its words. Historians also believe that he is the author of Cherusseri Bharatham. He was also known as king of poems.


Cherussery Namboodiri is believed to have lived between 1375 and 1475 AD in north Malabar. His native village was Kaanathoor of Kolathunadu, Kannur. Some scholars even believe that he is none other than Punathil Namboodiri. He was a court poet and dependent of Udayavarma Raja of Kolathunadu. He wrote Krishnagadha and dedicated to the Maharaja and in return received "Veerasrimkhala" and other honours. "Krishnagaadha" is the detailed description of the boyhood pranks of Lord Krishna. Krishna Gaadha consists of 1600 devotional lines written in Manjari Vrithm (rhythm). He followed the pattern of a lullaby used by a mother to sleep her kid.


Cherussery’s Krishna Gaadha has equal significance as Ezhuttacchan’s Adyatma Ramayana to Keralites. Since it used native Malayalam language and simple words, it became very popular among the readers. It’s to be noted that during those days, literature and poems were not easy for common man to understand. Cherusseri was a poet of deep aesthetic sense and it’s deeply reflected in his masterpiece, Krishnagadha.

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