Chakravarti Sulibele

Chakravarti Sulibele

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  • Name:
  • Chakravarti Sulibele
  • Born:
  • April 9, 1980

Chakravarti Sulibele Biography

Chakravarti Sulibele is an Indian writer who writes in Kannada and Hindi languages. He is also an orator and activist, known for his association with youth activities to create vibrant social change agencies. He opened a youth based organization - Yuva Brigade and is also associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Sodari Nivedita Pratishtan is the sister wing of Yuva Brigade started by Chakravarti Sulibele. The author is well known in the public for his orator skills. He publishes regular columns for a few Kannada publications, and his column Viswaguru in the Kannada daily Vijayavani is very popular.


His birth name is Chakravarti Mithun. He was born on 9 April 1980 in Honnavar, Karnataka. He was brought up in Sulibele, a village in Hosakote taluk of Bangalore rural. After graduating in computer science at Anjuman Engineering College, Bhatkal, he entered public life through Rajiv Dixit's Azaadi Bachao movement. He was active in the field as a sanchaalak and also worked as Chief Editor for Hosa Svatantryada Belaku. He has worked as a columnist and editor for many journals and magazines since then.


As an author, his published works include - Neharu Parade Sariyitu, Jago Bharat – Three parts, Kargil Kadana Kathana, Vishwa Guru Series 1 and 2, Apratima desha bhakta svatantra veera Savarkar, Bharata bhakta Vidyananda,     Saradhaara: A Political Biography of Saradhaar Vallabhabhai Patel, Suryodaya Kanutidde, 1857 Prathama Swantantrya Sangrama etc. Bharata mateya kare, Go chikitse and Swadeshi mattu bharateeyate are his translation works.


He has also anchored a few shows on television. Nivedana and Teertha Yatre for ETV Kannada, Sandhyaradhane for Zee TV Kannada etc. `Summane baralilla svatantrya’ series in radio for Jnyana Vani is also popular. Nationalism and spirituality are his favourite subjects, and he loves exclusive travelling.


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Updated: June 18, 2018


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