Birbal Jha

Birbal Jha

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  • Name:
  • Birbal Jha
  • Born:
  • October 22, 1972

Birbal Jha Biography

Dr. Birbal Jha is a reputed writer, social thinker, academician and entrepreneur. He is also the editor of Lingua Bulletin, an English monthly magazine which aims at improving writing skills in English language. He has received Service Excellence Award several times for his significant works and managerial skills. He was awarded with National Education Excellence Award 2010 by Economic Development Forum. Kriti Purush Award by Vidyapati Smarak Manch, Kolkata and English Language Awareness Award by Saindhav Foundation are other awards received by Jha. He has published about 20 books in English language. He has remained as a world celebrity whose contributions are not constraint to India only. He has given valuable contributions in the field of education and literature and has received appreciation worldwide.

Birbal Jha

Jha was born in Sijaul in Madhubani, Bihar in the year 1972. The region is known worldwide for Mithila Paintings. His basic education was done from his native village. For higher education he went to Patna, the capital city where he stayed for 16 years. He received Ph. D degree from Patna University. Later he founded British Lingua, English and soft skills training institution headed by him. Currently he is its MD. He trains teachers who later train students to improve fluency in speaking English as well as writing. It also includes the ability to write stories and poetry in English. His efforts have been nationally and internationally recognized, praised and awarded.


British Lingua is set up in several cities including Delhi and Patna. The popularity of the institute has drawn the attention of many international associations like 'The New York Times'. Jha has authored 20 books in English including a few general English learning books and grammar. His latest book is Celebrate Your Life which includes chapters of ‘Turning On’, ‘Installing’, ‘Skilling’, ‘Your Persona’, and ‘Realisation’.

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Updated: September 26, 2017


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