Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad

Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad

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Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was a politician and former ruler of Jammu & Kashmir. He ruled the state of Jammu and Kashmir as Prime Minister for eleven years from 1953 to 1964. As a leader he is known for his excellent administrative skills, exemplary courage, and robust commonsense and made tremendous all-round progress under his leadership. He passed away in 1972.


Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed was born in 1907. He studied at C.M.S Tyndale Biscoe School and started his career as a school teacher. He worked in the regions - Skardu and Leh and later at Kashmir branch of All India Spinners' Association. In 1927 he joined the agitation for Muslim rights under Dogra rule, under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. The agitation finally led to the formation of the Muslim Conference in 1930. He played a significant role in organizing the party with the help of students and workers and was fully involved in its activities soon after its formation. He was arrested several times during the freedom struggle movement and earned the sobriquet "Khalid-e-Kashmir".


Muslim Conference's name was altered to National Conference in 1938 when more communities joined the group and demanded for a stable and responsible government. He worked underground during this period and escaped to British India in 1946 when an arrest warrant was issued, where he spent for 17 months mobilizing public opinion in favour of the Kashmir agitation.  He returned only after the warrant against him was withdrawn. In 1947, he was given the Home portfolio and Deputy Prime Minister under Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah’s government. When Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah was dismissed and arrested in 1953, he became Prime Minister of the State and also President of the National Conference.

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