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Anupam Shobhakar is an Indian musician and composer who plays sarod. He is best known for fusion works and has released three albums belonging to this category. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Also known as a record producer, his popular track "Water" got entry into the first round of Grammy Awards. He has also released one classical album. A performer on stage he has been associated with many internationally well-known artists across the globe, like Ivan Tucakov, Gordon Gridna, Joel Harrison, Dan Weiss, World Fusion Orchestra, etc. World fusion and jazz fusion are his favourite genres of music.


Anupam Shobhakar hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. Born in Bengal, he grew up in the commercial city, Mumbai. None of his parents are musicians, but are lovers of music who played classical music records at home. But his grandfather was a musician and vocalist, who played sitar, tabla etc and conducted music concerts at home. During his younger days he got drawn towards western music, but he started admiring Indian classical music during his teens. He later formed a band named Dead Sea Scrolls and also remained as its guitarist. Thus since his early teens, he started experimenting with classical Indian music and western, and composed fusion songs.


He formally learnt the string instrument for long four years under the guidance of Suresh Vyas. Once Shobhakar met Ustad Aashish Khan, and got drawn towards his command over sarod. He became a disciple of Khan and has been studying with him ever since. He is a regular Indian classical music performer at the Priyadarshni Academy, which earned him recognition a lot. His first album Mysterious Awakening was released in 2004 followed by world fusion album, Wine of the Mystic in 2005. Dream Theory (2009) is his single Indian classical music album.

Published: January 05, 2019

Updated: January 05, 2019


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