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Anil Srinivasan

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  • Name:
  • Anil Srinivasan
  • Born:
  • June 3, 1977

Anil Srinivasan Biography

Anil Srinivasan is an Indian pianist from Chennai, best known for his fusion work with Carnatic vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan. He has also contributed to music teaching in south India. As a pianist he has conducted both solo and collaborative music concerts in different parts of the world. He loves to teach music to children, and in association with NalandaWay he has strived for the same. He also writes extensively on music for several leading dailies. Since 2017 he anchors the show, Sundays with Anil and Karky in Zee Tamil, alongside Madhan Karky. He is also associated with various theatre projects as a musician. He is a recipient of Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar by Sangeet Natak Akademi for Creative and Experimental Music, in 2010.


Anil Srinivasan was born in Chennai on 3 June 1977. He grew up listening to Carnatic music. Yet he started learning western classical piano since the age of three. After performing across the glove as a pianist, he earned acclaim and popularity ever since he collaborated with Sikkil Gurucharan, grandson of Kunjumani of Sikkil Sisters duo. N. Ravikiran, Aruna Sairam, U. Srinivas, Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman, Unnikrishnan, Rakesh Chaurasia, Gaurav Mazumdar etc are other artists with whom he has collaborated for stage shows and other forms of work.


He along with vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan released 6 fusion albums, and has also conducted world tours. They collaborated for the first time for Madhirakshi (2006), followed by Maayaa, The Blue Divine, Tarunam, The Story of Silk and Live at the Peninsula. Their tours outside India, especially United States (Fall 2008 tour), Singapore (Esplanade November 2008) and Malaysia (Fall 2008) were successful. He collaborated with Lalgudi Krishnan to produce "Eternal Light". A trained western classical pianist, he is educated at the University of Southern California and at Columbia University, New York.

Published: June 05, 2019

Updated: June 05, 2019


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