Abdul Wahid Khan

Abdul Wahid Khan

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  • Name:
  • Abdul Wahid Khan
  • Father:
  • Abdul Majid Khan

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Abdul Wahid Khan was a Hindustani classical singer who belonged to Kirana style of singing. During his lifetime, he was the acknowledged master of the Kirana style. He was born in Kirana and later moved to Lahore of Pakistan. He passed away in 1949. Khansahib founded the Kirana gharana musical family with Abdul Karim Khan, who was married to Wahid Khan’s sister. But the friendly relationship ended when Abdul Karim Khan remarried one of his students. Abdul Wahid Khan was deficient in hearing and hence often referred to as Behre Wahid Khan. His son, Hafizullah Khan was born in 1946 who became an accomplished sarangi player later.


Abdul Wahid Khan began his learning at an early age with his father, Abdul Majid Khan who taught his both vocal and sarangi. Then at the age of 12, he learnt from Haider Baksh Khan of Kolhapur, who was a disciple of Mian Bande Ali Khan. Then he spent in youth days at Kolhapur as a court musician. But he desired to become free and independent and hence started public singing at the age of 18. He sang in the presence of holy men and at the tombs of Sufi saints and only occasionally gave public concerts. Also, he would love to practise the same raga continuously for hours or a day. Khan practiced Todi and Darbari day in and day out and often limited to two ragas.


Born in Kirana and moved to Lahore, he became an accomplished singer as he wished before he passed away in Saharanpur in 1949. He was conferred the title "Sirtaaj-e-Mousiki" the Crown of All Musicians. He led a simple and religious life till his death.

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