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17/10 Muthagam,
Muhilankudieruppu - 629701
Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu
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DIABETICS WELFARE TRUST Reg.No: 210/2005. The following are the important objective of the Trust: Organizing Diabetics Welfare Movement by enrolling Diabetics as members with the intention of creating awareness about Diabetes among the poor and illiterate people, especially among the rural public. OBJECTIVES: Identifying Juvenile Diabetics and guide them in controlling diabetes and also help them in treatment. Finding out sponsors to meet all the medical expenses of the identified Juvenile Diabetics up to the age of 10. Arranging for the yearly free medical check-up of the kidney, heart, eyes, etc of the members of the Movement and also of the poor. Conducting at least two medical camps a year in socially and economically backward villages. Adopting one village and identifying the diabetics there and arranging for their regular treatment. Conducting regular Diabetics awareness camps in villages and taking follow-up actions. Starting a medical clinic with a diabetologist as the chief in an appropriate village and giving the needy public free medical assistance. Starting an old age home for the aged diabetic destitutes. Conducting regular courses of exercises to control diabetes. Giving regular Health Education to the youth. Conducting regular courses on diet systems by a qualified dietician and selecting proper women for its proper execution. Arranging yearly seminars on Diabetes. Making arrangements for publishing magazines and pamphlets periodically to increase awareness. Maintaining shops with medicines and food items essential for the diabetics and disposing them of at subsidized rates. ACTIVITIES: A medical laboratory named "Namathu Iraththa Parisothanai Nilayam" (Our Blood Testing Lab) is maintained. A very nominal fee is charged for the tests. Free medical camps are conducted periodically. Pamphlets on diet systems to be followed by the diabetics are published. A number of Seminars were conducted with qualified doctors. Arrangements were made with certain medical shops to supply drugs for diabetics at concessional rates. Identity card with information about drug-allergy were issued to the members of the Diabetics Welfare Movement. Essay competitions have been conducted annually among High School and Higher Secondary School Students to create awareness among boys, girls and children and prizes have been distributed to the winners and participants. Articles prepared by well-known diabetologists on diabetes have been printed and issued to the public to create awareness about diabetes. Arrangements have been made to start medical clinic with diabetologist as the chief consultant. Steps have been taken to get sponsors to meet the medical expenses of Juvenile diabetics up to the age of ten.


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