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Just right down as much as they want to know about your personal details and your academic qualifications. Your date of birth should explain about your age and you can mention your past experiences if any. You can mention your area of expertise and that is about all for initial stages.

You should know that your resume is your introduction to your future employer and he should know maximum about his would be employee. Your future employer is not interested in matters related to your family background but your personal data. Therefore, you should limit your resume related to professional and educational details along with your achievements during your previous assignments. Your future employer must know your goals and plans that you are willing to fulfill. I must advise you at this particular point to get some information about the company where you are willing to join because that would help you appear with confidence while short-listed. However, every thing should be in short because you should keep some of the details while short-listed. By the way, many companies appoint sorting staff who read your qualification and eligibility.

No one is interested whether you played football or participated in dramas while you were at your college in your initial personal details, neither any one is interested in ancestors who used to be richest people of town. All they want to know about your capabilities and efforts you can put in. If you think your details about your hobbies can make them interested in you, you are misinformed my friend.

People start writing stories rather novels in the name of resume without knowing that no one has as much time to read such details. The human recourses department employs staff for this particular purpose to sort out candidates suitable for them and when they finish short-listing; they ask eligible candidates to walk in after talking to them on telephone. Once they call you up for face-to-face interview, you can talk as much as they want you to.

Beware the people sitting there know tricks of the trade and they can make you talk to their tune. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to the point, whole truth only; talking out of way can push you sideways.       

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