Your Bedroom Is A Important Place

Make your bedroom attractive and look big

As they say your bedroom is the place where you spend half of your life. It should reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable where you retire to relax yourself after a hectic day’s activities. Moreover, bedroom is the only place in your entire house where you are the sole boss.

Therefore, you should decorate in a way that it fulfills all your requirements within your easy reach. You should take care of smallest of details of your bedroom like lighting arrangement, walls and paints, right kind of furniture to suit its size, floorings, windows and tapestry. Here are few tips, which can improve the looks and to increase comfort level for you.

1- Do not keep too many furniture items in your bedroom but keep more space free because the size of your room looks big or small upon items in a room. Keeping lesser furniture would make it look bigger. Your furniture should be according to size of rooms as you can use chairs in one side to accommodate your close relatives in place of sofa set. You can also use box type settees, which can adjust your bedcovers curtains and other useful items without using extra space. However, there should be no second opinion that spacious bedroom looks more peaceful and soothing.

2- Your imagination of storing items needed in bedroom works wonders for your bedroom. It would not be a good idea to have a full wall length almirah in bedroom, as it certainly does nothing to improve the looks of your bedroom. A better option would be to have smaller almirahs and keep storage facility in your beds by having drawers to store your extra items in them.

3- Lighting in bedroom makes big difference especially if you would keep a spotlight on your bed and rest of the lighting soft, which would highlight the beauty of your bedroom and hide other defects whatsoever.

4- Take special care of your flooring because one bad floor mat or doormat can spoil the entire look of your bedroom. Therefore, a good branded mattress to support your comfort from a good manufacturer is must. You should not make any compromises on this item’s quality.

5- Use attractive and beautiful accessories in your bedroom. If you love flowers, there is nothing better than fresh flowers in a bedroom. Have some soothing, attractive and natural sceneries and photographs to decorate walls, which make you feel in nature’s care.

6- Select light pastel shades for your walls like peach, light blue or light green, which help you have a sound sleep.  

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