You Should Handle Your Children Carefully


Fighting children

You must have noticed that a household with many children faces lot of infighting among them that is natural and healthy. You might loose your calm some times due to their continued fights and your efforts to sober them. Here are few tips to keep them in control-

1- Separate quelling children when they begin that will end the fight for the time being. You should tell them strictly that fighting is no solution to any problem. They all are brothers and sisters and can sole their differences with love and affection. You should tell them that you should treat your brothers and sisters the way you want to be treated.

2- You should help understand the points they made mistakes at. Try to convince them that removing these points or rectifying their mistakes would make better children whom every one loves.

3- Teach your children firmly that accepting mistakes help them become better whom every wants to befriend with. If they learn to accept their mistake, they will be able to become better than people who do not.

4- Convince your children that you trust them fully and even if they make mistakes, you are ready to take them normally and not feel angry for those mistakes.

5- Ask your children to accept their mistakes immediately and do not try to hide them. If they would accept and feel sorry for their mistakes, that will clear them from any guilty consciousness. Let them feel guilty for their mistakes, instead of hiding their mistakes, tell them that you are aware of their bad conduct and to avoid them in future. Also, you can ask them how to tackle with such situations in future. A very simple example- ask you child who had a fight with his sister over a piece of toy ‘how would you behave next time your sister refused to give her doll to you?’

6- It’s better to forgive your children easily if they accept their mistake because that assures them that you would not feel angry if they will accept their wrong doings. If you would still punish them, even after they accepted their mistakes would not give them a sense of security. They might not confess in future because that may brings sense of insecurity in them. Children need very careful handling so that they do not feel unsecured or guilty conscious. 

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