You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Certain Age

You cannot avoid the effects of aging but you certainly can lessen its effects following right kind of lifestyle and methods to keep these away. There is no stopping age and its effects on your skin as the aging decreases natural moisture from your skin. If you do not take proper care especially after the age of 35 you are at risk of fine wrinkles. You can try creams and domestic ways to get rid of these but you would need to know a little more to face these with better preparation.

Increasing age, as I said after 30-35 brings black spots, fine wrinkles and dryness to your skin. Most women think that use of creams available in the market can solve their purpose effectively; they are right but to a limited extent only. You shall have to take special care and that too knowing the root cause of your problem as a general use of any wrinkle cream may not solve your problem fully. You shall have to follow certain golden rules to get back your glowing skin-

1-Go for a morning walk for a natural glowing skin, walk for 2-3 km every morning

2- Drink enough milk every day, must for women as it contains necessary vitamins

3- Use sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits in natural form

4- Know the type of your skin to give it treatment accordingly

There are certain other ways to keep your skin young-

Cleansing- Your skin faces dust and other particles present in air which need to be cleaned therefore it is advised to clean your face at least thrice every day. Before going to bed clean your face with a good face, wash before using a cream according to your skin type. Milk can solve your purpose as a good cleansing agent.

Moisturizing- Use good quality moisturizer to keep your skin moist as dryness is the main cause of aging of skin. Use of anti aging cream at night and sunscreen lotions while going out is advisable.

Exercise- Exercise is best way to keep body and soul fresh and if you still feel that these methods are not working according to your expectations you have the choice of glycolic peels and laser facials to get back your natural and glowing skin. 

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