Whatever caste you are, you can gain from Yoga, because Yoga is one kind of technology. For using technology one doesn’t require belief or disbelief. Belief is just based on your physiological feeling. No where it is related to caste and creed to get benefitted from technology. For example gravitation rule is found out by Issac Newton who is follower of Christianity, it doesn’t mean that rule of gravity is related to Christianity, in the same way to follow Yoga we doesn’t require Caste. It looks funny when we color Yoga with caste. Spirituality and Yoga are before this caste was born. Yoga is past from before where mankind has been differentiating human beings with caste. Yoga has been generated through Lord Shiva.

Hindu is not a kind of caste:

Why Yoga is considered as Hindu is because It is been tied with culture. As yoga has become famous with culture, it has been considered as Hindu culture. Hindu name has been generated through the river Sindu. Culture has been developed near the banks of Sindu or Hindu rivers, so it has become famous as Hindu culture. Slowly this Yoga has become a culture. When mankind has cultivated this different types of castes, this has become a great competition.

Hindu is not a caste. Hindu is not a belief, what happens in Culture is called Hindu. There are no particular God or particular siddanth. In this Hindu culture, one can pray to Male God and be a Hindu and at the same time one can pray to a Female God and be a Hindu, and one can also be a Hindu without praying to anyone. Which means one can be a Hindu if he doesn’t believe in anything.

Preparing God’s:    

In these vast differentiations of culture, there is a very good intention which is tying up. The only intention of this Culture is Salvation (Mukti).  Salvation to get away from this worldly relationship. Salvation from all the rules you know. God is not considered as treated as extraordinary state, God is considered as just a way to reach the extraordinary stare. Culture is the only thing that doesn’t say what particularly God is. You can pray a stone, a cow, your mother – you can pray anything which you want. Why because this culture know that we are the one who have created God. All others believe that God has created us, but in this culture we believe that we have created God. We have complete freedom to create which type of God we want.

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