Yercaud - Famous For Chill Climate And Monkeys


Yercaud which is known as Poor Man’s Ooty is a part of Shevaroy Hills which is located at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level in Salem District. You have to climb up the hill from Salem and the place is located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Salem. You have to drive through 20 hairpin bends, after the first one the path goes winding for a long distance and the remaining 19 are situated in the last few kilometers.


Yercaud has many places of interest that are worth visiting. However there is no proper bus facilities to visit all these places and so it is better to go by car or to hire a car there. The important tourist spot here is Boat House. Speed boats, rowing boats and peddle boats are available for hiring. Adjacent to the lake there are two parks namely Lake View Park and Anna Park. Lake View Park has beautiful landscaping with plants grown in lines and is a wonderful place for adults to spend their time watching the rippling water of the lake and the boats that pass by. Anna Park is meant for kids with variety of swings and slides.


Few kilometers from boat house is located the Botanical Garden. This is actually is a place where researches are conducted on plants and trees. It is also opened to the public and the students will enjoy the plants which have their species names written on them. Different varieties of plants and trees are grown here and they are organized beautifully.



In the other end, you can enjoy the beauty of the hills and get the glimpses of the view below from viewpoints named Ladies Seat and Gens Seat. A terrestrial telescope is fixed here through which you can see the location at a distance on paying a small fee. Many street side stalls selling junk foods are found at this place.



You can find lots of monkeys on the way to Yercaud. Also there are many mischievous ones at Ladies Seat and Gens Seat area. They simply loiter around and snatch any eatable that people have in their hands. You can see these monkeys relishing ice creams and corns just like human beings. These monkeys are very clever and they simply follow people who carry any food item in their hands. So anyone going there should be very careful and should avoid carrying food items in see-through bags.




Near Gens Seat there is a garden called Ainthinai Garden which comprises of five gardens including some view points, rose garden and children’s park. There are two entrances to this garden, one up the hill near Gens Seat and the other one down below near Rose Garden. If you enter the garden up the hill, there are natural looking stone stairs through which you can climb down viewing all the parts of the garden. The roses are grown beautifully in square patches with beautiful plants bordering them. Picking the flowers is an offence here.



As you walk along, you can reach the children’s garden which will be a source of delight for those who are going with kids. With numerous traditional swings and modern slides, kids will find their own world. After enjoying your day, you can have your food at one of the numerous restaurants located around the Lake Roundana known as Ondikkadai. There are some high class restaurants like Hotel Sri Saravana Bhavan where you can enjoy tasty foods. The chill climate, the beautiful vegetation, the enchanting views and the bubbling monkeys are sure to make your trip a memorable one. 

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