Wild Life In Rain Forests


Evergreen forests that get enough rainfall are known as rain forests. These forests are thick and filled with various varieties of plants and trees. Annual rainfall may vary 168 cm to 1000 cms. But its average rainfall lies between 175 and 200 cms. Rain forests are abundant resources of different varieties of flora and fauna. They have well balanced eco system and a great source of medicinal plants. All organisms are dependent to each other and hence, the destruction of a single plant can affect the equilibrium of the eco system a lot. So, let us have an interesting journey through these evergreen forests.


The wonderland inside rain forests - Trees are huge and gigantic in size. Many small organisms are dependent on each tree. Its roots absorb water from soil and through leaves emitted to atmosphere. Later these vapours rain as clouds and once again reach the forest to keep it green.


Little wonders of soil – Ants, bees, earth worms and many small organisms that live in the soil causes the decay the dead bodies of soil and thus soil becomes more fertile in their presence. Thus plants and trees grow healthier.


Farmers of the forest – Monkeys are the farmers of forests. You might be wondering how. They eat fruits of plants and trees and thus do the process of dispersal of seeds. In true means, they do the cultivation process. Not only that, while jumping from one branch to another, they often break tree branches. Thus sunlight is successfully emitted to earth surface, making it available for bushes.  


Bird mates – Forest has numerous types of birds. Birds eat fruits and small weeds. They effectively conduct the process of dispersal of seeds as well. If birds like vultures disappear, the absence of scavengers will make the forests dirty.


Mr. Bee – Honey bees collect honey and pollen grains from plants and flowers thus helping in pollination. Thus it increases the process of flowering and fruits thus helping the living beings which solely depend on fruits for food. Honey is another by-product.


Poor carnivores – We always think that lions and tigers are cruel animals. But if they disappear number of herbivores that fully depend on plants will increase suddenly resulting in the scarcity of grass and plants. So, hunting of wild animals will adversely affect the life chain.  


Compost of elephants – Elephants too helps a lot in keeping the balance of eco system of rain forests. Only 45% of their eaten food is digested.  Elephant fetus provides manure to undigested seeds also. It’s quite surprising to know that certain species of saplings are born from seeds only by this method.


When food is cooked – Certain plants and fruits that grow in forests are eaten by tribal people as well as other living organisms. If these trees and plants are gone, they adversely affect their lives too. 

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