Why Has The Education System Gone To He Dogs?

The Indian education system is not what we see today. It wasn’t designed this way. The Indian education system is the residential based education system where he pupil spent majority of his teenage years with his teacher better known as the guru and learnt the tricks of the trade, got his education and returned back to normal life. This practice vanished after many years of its existence as there were a number of loopholes that were projected by forces who wanted education to be more organized and specific, something I am going to discuss in detail.

The education system, in order to be organized took a drastic turn after the 19th century. A number of industries came up, cottage industries were declining and so there was a need for a specific pool of people who could work in these industries. These people had to know the various concepts related to the machines they had to operate, so what they actually needed was mathematics and science. Keeping this in mind the education system came into existence. This system gave more importance to the subjects that the industrial revolution needed, so even today these subjects have more importance than the others!

The only reason this model is applicable and widely used even today is that the people responsible for the education system managed to convince the people that this is the only form of gaining employment. The people were forced to believe that employment in any other form is a waste of time and energy. Thus they turned to the structured education system so that they can gain employment in the industries.  This helped them to gain employment establish families but the basic necessity of being logically correct and straining ones brains was not seen. People had to invent ways to distribute and gain access to knowledge easily as the people were more worried in gaining education that learning the fundamentals of what is taught.

It is thus right to thank these incidents that have created a completely fruitless and useless generation that turns to various sources to gain access to constant knowledge than embed them is their system and apply the education they receive!

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