Which Type Of Yoga Is Right For You?

“Yoga lets people discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature”- Narendra Modi.

True! Yoga is a divine journey to know our inner-self.  It is a union of the mind, body, and soul. Yoga is a way of life. Yoga is not just about physical workout; it is a spiritual preferment and emotional unification. Yoga rejuvenates the body and creates a positive aura. Yoga offers hundreds of variations for healing the mind, body, and soul.

But as a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, how do you know if the style you have chosen is right for you? There are many types of yoga styles to choose from, so let’s know which type of yoga is right for you. 

Why Is It Necessary To Find A Right Yoga Style?

It is important to find a perfect yoga style for yourself. A right style depends upon the body’s need or health goals. Almost every type of yoga works on improving the fitness, strength, flexibility, and balance. It also works on mental wellbeing. But practicing the right yoga style will do wonders for your health. 

How To Find Your Style? 

As mentioned, there a lot of yoga styles and just by knowing the names of asanas won’t help much. Finding a style you thrive in is needed.

Consider Why You Practice Yoga- It is important to know your intentions, goals, and expectations. Question yourself, “Are you looking for an intense workout, searching for a soulful experience, or attracted towards the restorative benefits?”

Consider Your Personal Needs- It is important to be honest about your preferences and personal needs. Do not join any class or style just because it is very popular or your friend is joining. Think and understand your personal need, decide whether you want personalized attention or you love to practice with like-minded people. And then consider the possible financial, physical and time limitation. 

Explore Around- If you have time and want to practice yoga religiously, then it is better to explore and try on different styles. Pay attention to the style you are practicing, on your trainer’s methods, on your emotions and thoughts, and be mindful of how you feel during and after the session. 

Time Limitation-

If you don’t have much time to explore and try different yoga styles, here are some of the best yoga styles to help you. 
Hatha Yoga- It is one of the traditional forms of yoga and is great for the beginners. The asanas or poses of Hatha are very straightforward and easy to learn and practice. It focuses on balancing and strengthening the body, and also emphasizes on breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

Ashtanga Yoga and Power Yoga- Ashtanga is a classic and traditional form of yoga and works on physical fitness. Power and Ashtanga together offer a great cardio session.  It helps burn calorie and lose weight. Both styles of yoga focus on flowing sequences of yoga poses. 

Iyengar Yoga- This style of yoga is great for injury-prone people as it helps people recover from injury. A similar style of yoga ‘Viniyoga’ is great for those who are suffering from chronic back pain. 

Kundalini Yoga- The yoga style is great for those who are looking for spiritual benefits. It focuses on meditation, chanting, breathing techniques, and easy yoga asanas. 

Others- If you are looking for inspiring philosophy, then Anusara Yoga is great for you. Yin Yoga is best for those who want to calm their mind, to de-stress and practice easy yoga poses. Restorative yoga is a calming and centering type of yoga that gives deep relaxation. If you want to balance your body, mind, and soul and release discomfort, then Therapeutic yoga is for you. 

Yoga is a therapy session, a workout, and a Meditation at the same time. You would get to know that you are at the right yoga class when you start feeling all the benefits of yoga practice.

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