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I once read somewhere, blessed are those lonely moments if they are granted by yourself and it becomes a curse if gifted by someone else. Yes, lonely moments are really a blessing as it gives you a chance for being yourself and think about yourself. Am I not right? Definitely, am I. We are now living in a hi-tech fast world where we find little time for ourselves and being ourselves. So, why can’t we make those lonely moments in some useful way we can?


Many persons find it the best time to have a nap when alone at home. A few may sit alone watching television, hearing music or simply, read a book of their favourite. They are indeed the nice activities if you are really interested in doing so. A few persons are interested in writing diary, novels, poems or short stories if they are inspired by the loneliness of darkness, silence or even rain. Young persons may think about their love interest or lovely memories they have spent with their dear ones. Most important is whether you love those moments or not. But very often, people may go to a depressed mood as silence and lonely moments give opportunity to dead memories to return back. At this moment loneliness becomes an entity that adversely affects you. It is not at all advisable. When silence creeps towards the deep corridors of mind, we should see it as the better chance to see our mind in its light side so that we can correct our mistakes and move forward.


Yes, being alone gives the best moments for correcting mistakes, dream big and do some future calculations to make us feel more secure towards life. But if ruined memories began to curve us and call us back, we may give up our positive thoughts and think negative. In such moments, it’s always better to read some book or watch a movie or hear some nice music. Never give space to your mind to think about past bad moments or bad incidents, if they can’t contribute significantly towards your future.


It’s often noted that silence and loneliness gives us a lot of moments to sharpen our talents and think brighter. Who knows, a poet or artist is hiding inside our mind or dreams! Give your mind the better chance to show up those talents in those lonely moments when you are you only, without any make ups or artificial get up. Also, it is always better to give some lonely moments to our mind so that it never forgets being ourselves! Yes, I am a person who firmly believes that lonely moments can also form vital gems of our life! Try to enjoy those moments in full means!        

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I enjoy loneliness

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