What's The Significance Of Orange Colour?

It’s true each colour owns some sort of significance. Some believe colours bring luck while some others think that good colours give a lot of refreshment. Some are superstitious while some others just choose colours which suit them the best. Yes, it’s true, without colours nothing is significant. What’s the significance of orange colour? Through this article I am giving you a few interesting ‘Orange’ facts.


Orange is Dutch’s favourite


Orange is the colour of Dutch families. That’s the reason why Netherlands is known for oranges. People of Netherlands use to call the heir of the royal family as Prince of Orange. On Queen’s birthday the sun has an orange look.  Seeing this orange sun people believe that some good is going to happen and the climate will be pleasant for a whole year. The Dutch International football teams are known as Orange. Dutch soccer team selects favourite orange colour as their uniform. The Dutch country flag used to have an orange color till the 17th century. But now they have changed the color to red. Netherlands is famous for orange fruits. Every year an orange show will be arranged with special decoration. The word ‘orange’ is derived from a Sanskrit word “Narange”. Earlier orange was known as yellow red by English people.


It’s some other’s favourite too!

This is one among the three colors in the national flag in our India. We call it saffron in English language, orange in Malayalam and kashayam in Telugu language. . The sports uniform in Europe and America are also orange in color. The American prisoners are given orange uniform. In case, any of the prisoners tries to escape from the prison he can be caught easily. When the leaves of trees change their color to orange it indicates the season change. Orange is a spiritual color. According to Hindu tradition, the Buddhist saints mostly wear orange color clothes.

What’s the significance of orange in our daily life?

When you are in stress and shock your life becomes bore and frustrated and you may fail to concentrate on any work. Sometimes you fail to think in a creative manner and very often think reverse leaving the hope. In such situations, if you wear an orange color dress then it will show a good result. If we wear the orange stones like Caroline stone, fire opal, sun stone, tangerine satin or these stones placed in the home it may keep you stay active and pleasant. It shows effects on surroundings too. It’s believed that orange colour can help you control your emotions. If your room walls, bed sheets, curtains are in orange color then we will feel more pleasant.

Red color resembles temperature and yellow color is for pleasantness. Orange color is formed by the combination of both these colours giving you both coolness and warmth. That’s why the sun is warm.


Orange resembles power and equality. That’s why according to color therapists, orange is a powerful color that has the magical power to heal health problems easily. It’s used in the treatment of digestive system and blood circulation. Orange heals the eye related problems, controls the growth of cancer, helps in better functioning of heart and last, but not the least, immune system works well with the effect of orange. This color can increase your appetite making it a favourite colour of dishes.


Orange means antioxidant

Carrot, pumpkin, peaches and a few types of cherries are most known for its antioxidant characteristics. All of them are orange in colour. Vitamin C is abundant in oranges. The peel of orange fruits cools our body and beautifies our skin.


Our early worship starts with orange


From the primitive ages itself, man began to worship natural forces as God. Sun has a significant place in Hindu mythology whose colour is orange. Now also, many people start their mornings with worship of sun god. Yes, he gives us energy to work whole day till he sets. When he sets, we rest too. So, it indirectly implies our relationship with this colour.

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