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Kishore Kumar – Perhaps the one and only name among Indian male voices with maximum fans all over the world. He contains all types of genes in his singing style and it’s very hard to find at least a single Bollywood fan who is not at all a diehard fan of Kishore Kumar and his singing style? Why people are so crazy about him? What’s the magic in his singing style that binds people towards him? He has no formal training in classical music. Yet, when music critics says, basic in classical tunes is the most essential factor of playback singing how could Kishore Kumar handle the situation without much effort and without the knowledge of ‘saas and awaaz’. There lies the success of this great singer of Bollywood! Perhaps his ignorance in Indian classical tunes helped him to sing out of bounds all styles and it appealed masses as well. Also, he delivered each song without much stress and tensions; that silly attitude is well shown in his songs too. Each and every generation has loved him and his songs a lot since early 70’s and the past years not at all count to its fading in popularity. Still now, Kishore da stands as a phenomenon above all as the glory of past era of melodies of Bollywood.


Let me quote a real incident. A few years back, I was watching a reality show of Singing talent show on Indian television and a male singer was singing the song, ‘Aanewala pal’. Though the same singer has passed many rounds exhibiting his singing talents, he was struggling with this Kishore Kumar number, a song that Kishore da sung without any effort. It was for the first time in my life I really bowed before the singing talent of Kishore da. I wondered, was it so difficult to sing ‘Aanewala pal’? Just to add more fumes to my wondering mouth, the anchor of the show commented so (seeing the struggling singer), “Very often we think that it’s very easy to sing Kishore da songs, as it’s not deeply rooted in classical music. But in true sense it’s not the case. Kishore da takes that much effort in singing a song so that we take less effort in listening and understanding it. That’s he! A loud applause for this wonderful singer of our favourite!” Yes, it is. What he told was absolutely right, 100%. He prepares a song and takes that much effort so that such efforts won’t be visible while hearing. Perhaps, among all the leading playback singers of India, this quality is most noticed in Kishore da.


Kishore Kumar always appears as a funny man and comedian before the world. But if we listen to the magical philosophical songs of Kishore, we just wonder, what kind of person is he and to which category does he belongs to. He was a mysterious man similar to Charle Chaplin with smiles on face and tears in heart. He married 4 times and was not static in his family life too. Perhaps his broken marriages acted as the catalyst to give the best as a singer. It may or may not be true. But among all singers, his voice is being imitated by new generation most and still serves as the inspiration for them. After all it’s Kisore da magic!!! It never seizes!  

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he is nothing short of a phenomenon

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