Weekend Spot Gurgaon: The Fun Begins Here

One of the best cities which got a major boost in the recent years and is now one of the finest cities to live in all of India is Gurgaon. Gurgaon also called as ‘The Millennium City’ is next to Delhi and has become one of the most significant hubs for industries, corporate and MNC’s. The city, named after Dronacharya, also known as ‘Guru Gaon’ and ‘Guru Gram’, has rapidly progressed in the recent years and now more and more big companies are coming in this city and with them more and are people are attracted to them. The city has not only experienced the growth of companies and industries but also other things like malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts and other important places which forms the foundation for a city.

People in metro cities always try to find some adventurous or relaxing space to enjoy and have fun in the weekend.  There are various weekend spots in Gurgaon which can enjoy over the weekends.

Weekend Spot Gurgaon offers various types of weekend gateways to people to chill out and relax during the weekend and its choices of weekend spots cater to almost everyone. Whether you want to rejuvenate and relax or play adventurous sports, go shopping or for some spiritual stuff, weekend spot gurgaon everything.

There are many things to wander in the city through weekends; one of them is Kingdom Of Dreams. A recently build big place where the fun begins. It is a dream - come - true for food lovers as it gives options of numerous Indian cuisines to the food lovers. Also, it hosts a live play/ performance by various artists in Natuanki mahal.

Other weekend spot gurgaon includes Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. It is very near to Gurgaon and is a paradise for bird lovers. It has numerous species of birds and also birds migrating from Europe and Siberia can be seen there during the winter times. Apart from different kinds of birds, other wildlife like Nilgai, Blackbuck, leopard, mongoose, porcupine, striped hyena etc. can also be seen. It also offers if you wish to stay there over the weekend.

 Ambience Mall is yet another attraction of weekend spot Gurgaon. It is one of the best malls in Delhi/ NCR as it houses almost every famous brand. It is a very big mall next to a five – star hotel and gives hundreds of options to shoppers to shop from. It is a treat to the shopaholics.

Fun n Food is also a famous weekend spot Gurgaon. It offers rides and parks to the public and attracts kids as well as adults. It is famous attraction ad also offers various water rides apart from the regular ones.

There are various spiritual weekend spot Gurgaon like Shiv temple, Sheetala Devi Temple and others. Also there is Damdma Lake which acts as a weekend destination.

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