We Need Clean Politics


As long as the people allow the corruption to exist, it will certainly be there. The only chance we have to save our nation is to see to those who use their positions of power to fill their pockets on our cost and have fun. Perhaps, we should only let the people govern who wish to serve us well and truly and money no consideration for them. Corrupt people who are out to loot us and make money in the name of serving the nation surround us I agree with you when you say we should take it seriously and change the whole system with our earnest efforts.


We shall have to get rid of people who are on the top seats for taking advantage of poor people of this country. By collecting money in various ways and allowing, their children and brothers or whosoever matters our politicians and the political parties are doing nothing else. We should be able to select and send candidates depending upon their sincerity and their character and not their party affiliation and able to win elections on muscles power. I am feeling too bad since last few weeks and not finding any reason to celebrate New Year thinking that this too may go the same way.


For every parliamentarian this must be mandatory to pass the test whether he/she qualifies to stay there for another term or people must have right to recall. The result of if we re-elect a corrupt person produces the only result possible, he becomes more shrewd and continue his bad practice without fear of public thinking this his right. The money is mother of all evil and we must immediately withdraw it from politics. People with intention of making money and using power for their self-interest must be immediately recognized and taken out of the system.


They are playing with the common man's feelings to make him feel more at their mercy but the whole nation especially the urban masses have woke up to make them right or show them the gate. They do not want to trust them with their hollow promises any more. They shall have to work or would have to go. No more corrupt and useless people on the seat of power any more.

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