Walls Without Concrete - Really Economic!


Now also, colour of soil and earth are favourites of at least a few people including me. The smell of earth and nature is something like a heavenly bliss. That may be the reason why a few people still think of walls without doing concrete and paints. Brick colour gives an ethnic look also, when you look from outside. Natural stone, bricks, terracotta hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, granite or mud blocks - use anyone of these to make an ‘exposed’ home.


When you think about future, completion of home, future maintenance and painting, brick homes are really economic. No doubt, concreting and finishing of walls involve a lot of work giving a high amount as labour charge. You can save cement and sand cost too. When you have decided not to do such things for your new home and just leave it as such natural, you save a lot of money as well as time. They give less heat in your interior too. But keep in mind, high quality stones are expensive. They add more expense if you try to give extra decorations to those unpainted walls.


If you take enough care from first stage itself you can avoid fungal infection in future. When water falls on walls more, more chances are there for fungal attack. Better solution is to build sunshade or tilt roof in such a way that rain water never falls on walls directly. Even if you find fungal attack on your walls, use hydrochloric acid solution to clean your walls.


Many people often doubt the durability of natural stones used for constructing walls and basements. Many forts are still in India made of such natural stones that resist sunlight, salt water attack and rainfalls. But choose stones with good quality. Seek an expert’s opinion. Stones with white patches are not good, but if they are extra strong, it affects dressing process.


Such homes resist pest and cricket attacks too. But you need to take precautions earlier. Fill big holes on walls with illusion seal or cement-sand mixture. Even if it’s not advisable to give paints to such homes, you can use colourless paints that act as polishes and make your walls shine. Such paints are known as protected coats.


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Be close to nature by living in such brick homes. Please don't give artificial colours to your home's real face.

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