Wall Paper For Your Interior Walls


Nowadays wallpapers are getting popular. Creating new revolutions on wall, wallpapers have already conquered millions of minds. Now imported wallpaper is the latest trend.


What are different types of wallpapers?


Earlier the papers that can be stick to walls, to make your interior beautiful were known as wallpapers. But now wallpapers with vinyl baking are available in market that is durable. Wallpapers using cloth known as fabric wallpapers, non-woven wallpaper, bamboo wallpaper and aquatic wallpaper are readily available in markets. Natural grass and leaves, stick on wallpapers is another variety.


Among all fabric varieties, silk wallpaper is the real star. Jute is another royal variety. They are natural wallpaper that enhance the sound system of a home theatre and come under the category – acoustic wallpaper. Synthetic acoustic wallpaper is another type that can be used in your family living room where home theatre is arranged. Another variety is ‘paintable wallpaper’. They can be stick to the walls of your interior and according to your wish you can apply any paint on it, draw designs as well. Border wallpapers that can be stick to borders and edges for drawing designs or highlighting borders is also available nowadays.


If your room is not spacious or if you want to decorate a single wall or area of your bedroom or living room, wall posters are available. Single designs known as wall sticks can be used on your walls too. If a design is formed by different layers of wallpapers or patterns, it becomes wall panel.


Designs and finish of wallpaper


Wallpapers are available in wide range of colours and patterns. Leather finish, brick finish, tile finish, wood finish, metallic finish – you can choose anyone you desire. Wild design patterns resemble the outer shell of wild animals while ‘felt design’ can be felt by your hand touch. You can fill your kid’s room with colours and imaginations and cheer up his mind using cartoon designs.


To apply wallpapers on your walls, first you need to apply putty and then paint primer. In the well-finished wall, apply the mixture of CMC powder and gum. You can stick wallpaper on it including glass surfaces. Wallpapers are available as 50-75 square feet  

rolls. Easy to stick, economic, less labour cost and easy to remove stains using shampoo and water. It’s cheap that expensive patterns and is available in numerous patterns. They become set within 24 hours too, as soon as they are pasted. If not handled properly they tear easily and we can’t stick them on to walls with leaks.


Wallpapers are available in price range 25-350 rupees and prices are slightly high for imported pieces. Its price is determined by finish and material used.

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