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Most of the people choose footwear and low heals according to the dress they wear. But sometimes we may feel uncomfortable and our feet start paining due to wearing of heels which is very dangerous. So it has been suggested to practice high heel walking daily for some time without wear any footwear. This is known as barefoot therapy. Due to this, when you wear heels and walk also you won’t feel pain.


Due to wearing heels our feet gets stressed. So it causes pain. Such people should leave their footwear aside and walk on the grass with barefoot. Then blood circulation will function well. The problem gets control. The hormone name endorphin will be released in their brain. This makes their mind active.


The people who are suffering from depression, if they walk barefoot then they will feel relaxed and their problems get solved. The blood circulation from brain till feet will be good as there is no obstacle in the middle so blood pumping will performed well. The chance of heart attack reduces.


The people who are suffering from joint pains are suggested to walk or run barefoot for 15 minutes. Then their joint pains recover and strengthen soon. Then the spinal pain also occurs. This kind of exercise is very important for players and dancers. The old age people should walk on grass instead of walking on floor or tiles. The people who are suffering from lack of sleep and hunger, it is suggested that such people should practice barefoot exercise or therapy. Daily morning and evening we have to walk half an hour (That means morning half an hour and evening half an hour). You can walk on the mud and grass. Running on the mud is known as mud therapy. Due to this, the dead cells from the feet will go away and the feet become smooth. The people who are having wounds and cuts under the feet, they should not implement this mud therapy.


Evening walk improves our life cycle. The wastes present in the body will go out. Negative thoughts will vanish from our mind. Concentration improves. If we walk in the evening sun then our body and mind gets activated. Therefore, our feet get strengthened.

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