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Mr. Venu Benarji a supporting actor started his career as a assistant director and never expected that he would become a artist in future. He has worked over 300 movies till now. He was working with director U.Vishveshwar Rao as an assistant director and his first movie was “Harishchandra”. He worked for the movies Pandanti Jeevitham, Nyayam Mire Cheppali, Gayam, Gulabi, Nuvvu Nenu, Sathya, Ninne Pelladutha, Chithram, Avunu Vallidharu Estapaddaru, etc other than these movies he also worked in Hindi Movies called “Andha Kanun” with Amitha Bachan and “Inqvilab”.

Telling about his experiences in movie industry he says about the movie Andha Kanun, he was working as a assistant director for this movie, there was shooting going on in Madras, at the time of break, Amithab Bachan and other artists were sitting on the road side than there came the news that Chief Minister Mr M.G.Ramachandran was going from there and the shooting should be held for some time. Then when the vehicle of the prime minister was passing near to Amithab Bachan he stood very politely and saluted him even thinking whether the Minister will see him or not, but unfortunately Chief Minister did not observe Amithab Bachan and crossed away, later after going a bit far, think so Chief Minister driver told him about Amithab Bachan, then the Prime Minister took the vehicle backwards  came to Amithab, saluted him and then again left. With this incident Mr Venu Benarji says that he has learnt how to behave with the elders even after reaching a position.

While doing in the movie Inqvilab, a person who was performing a vilan role could not attend the shooting for some reasons, so they said Venu benarji to perform the role in which, the vilan have to rape the heroine and the heroine was Sridevi. Mr Venu was unable to perform and his hands were literally shivering. Then Sridevi came to him and told him not to take any tension instead asked him to perform naturally. Later the scene came good, but one bad incident took place was, while performing this rape scene he lost his gold chain which broke into pieces. This chain was his favorite chain as it was gifted by Mr Rajinikanth for the success of his movie. 

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