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Varkala is a sea side town located 25 km north of Thiruvananthapuram city. Varkala is a famous Pilgrim center because of “Sivagiri” located in this town. Sivagiri Ashramam, the samadi place of Sree Narayana Guru, a hindu social reformer in Kerala. Thousands of Pilgrims from various parts of the country are coming every year. Varkala has many attractions such as Sivagiri Ashramam, Varkala Beach, Papasnanam beach, Janardhana swami Temple, Vishnu Temple and Varkala light house. Varkala is one of the best beaches with several cliffs, white sand and beautiful landscape. The beach is divided into two parts on the southern end of the beach we can see the famous Janardhana swami temple. Tourist beach is at the northern side.

Janardhana swami temple:  

Varkala is famous for Janardhana swami temple which is located close to Papasnanam beach. The temple is also called “Dhakshina Kasi”. The temple is 2000 year old temple with “lord Vishnu” as the main deity. It is a well - known temple in Kerala situated near the Arabian Sea shore. Here only the shrine dedicated to lord Vishnu in the name of “Janardhana” all other temple call as lord Krishna. Here the deity is in standing position facing towards east. The temple is a fine example of Kerala art and architectural style such as square mandapa, balipeetha and circular sanctum features the Kerala style. In this temple we can see an old bell which was given by a Dutch King.

Sub deities in this temple are Ganapathi, Shasta, Nagam and Hanuman. A ten day festival is conducted on Malayalam month of Meenam. Festival starts with Kodiyettam flag. On the last day of festival a grand processions takes place with five decorated elephants through the streets. A crowd of people came from various parts to see the procession. During the procession elephants also carry the statue of temple God. All elephants are decorated with gold plated caparisons, bells and necklaces. It is accompanied by ritual drummers, peacock dancers, artists dressed in evil spirits, artists dressed in garuda and huge floats. Another attraction of the festival is “Kathakali dance” all night by great artists as the stage show programme. “Thilaka homem” is a special offering in this temple which means paying homage to the departed soul and forefather’s.                                                                                                                         

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Varkala is place of beutiful cliffs.

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