Unplanned Plans- No Good For Our Development


Where are we heading

We are not doing well in infrastructure sector although we are spending lot of moneymaking roads, fly-over, footpath, road-widening projects, over bridges across roads, under-path, etc. We saw a highly advertised plan called BRT corridor not so long ago in Delhi, our capital that was to provide rapid transportation by bus (Bus Rapid Transit) by providing a lane for city buses only but it did not work due to short sightedness at planning level. We wasted hundreds of crores of Rupees to get absolutely no results. The scheme was challenged by different parties and it is still pending in courts, waiting its fate yet to be decided.

We are unable to decide

Either we are unable to decide whether we should follow the roadmap of developed countries or go for our own designs. It is evident that our planners are not sure about their own schemes whether they want to go for high speed , widened, traffic control, signal free or keep it open for slower traffic as well. They are unable to decide whether they want to have cut in between dividers or keep roads straight without intersections. They are not sure if they want to have red lights or let the traffic pass through undisturbed. However, one thing is for sure that they have not thought about public that travels on cycles. They have provided no spaces for slower traffic.

They should consider that a cyclist has equal rights to travel on roads and he must get his share to reach to his destination safely. The fact is we are unable to make a proper plan. When we look at plans from the businessman’s views, we go for signal free roads to increase the speed and thus promoting auto industry but then while, we look at election’s point of view we find that we must think in favor of common man. There arises the need of cut in straight signal free roads and that ills the purpose and the amount spent goes down the sewerage.    


We must plan in a proper manner to cater to the needs of every citizen of our country taking in account the needs of common man as well fast movement of traffic. It is not wise to destroy greenery, ponds, fields, gardens and buildings to make new fast roads and then opening them for general use suddenly to please voters. That is not wise.      

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Suny is not happy the way they are planning our infrastructure.

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