Twitter Is Good Way To Share Your Work


Twitter is one good way to share

Twitter has almost 175 million users and considered best platform to share your work with your followers. However, you may find it surprising that almost 80% users have less than 10 followers because they do not a proper use of this micro blogging site. Some users wish to increase their followers but do not know how to do it. Most users are limited to read tweets on twitter rather sharing their own views and that perhaps gives the 20% their chance to increase their popularity and revenue.

So how to increase your followers

If you carefully look at the users with big list of followers, you would see that they know the art of impressing people with their popularity. They know how to add followers with their expert knowledge while some others who do it in unplanned way, lose their followers. Tweeting is an art to use blogging within the limit of 140 characters and one who can utilize it among people coming from different professions and professional fields. It is not easy but successful people do it with total ease. People with multilingual abilities are better off with tweeting and re-tweeting because that is secret of successful sharing of information.

How to be popular

The best way to get more followers is to make your presence felt and make it cheerfully because people with sad and low looking/sounding messages do not attract many followers. In addition, people using unnecessary tags do not attract many followers. Talking too much about own self and exaggerating may bring in worst results as far attracting followers, it may even can cause some followers turning off. I am not a big a twitter user in terms of followers but I never miss a chance a share my articles with my followers even while I am writing on upfront paying sites. That helps my publishers and me in a positive way. Here are some common points you may find beneficial increasing your followers-

1- Tweets with more information would attract users

2- Never sound negative which may put your followers off

3- Tweets with URLs always help

4- Tweet what you feel may benefit others

5- Do not add hash tags because that may put off your followers

6- Using big words does not help in most cases

7- Consistency and positive are two big points for twitter users. 

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