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West Bengal is an East Indian state and is India’s fourth most populous state. It shares its border with Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal. West Bengal contributes a lot in India’s GDP. It covers an area of 88752 square km. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. The Darjeeling Himalayan Region is the part of north extreme West Bengal and fit in eastern Himalaya. The slender terai region separates this Himalayan region from plains. The famous national park of the state, Neora Valley National Park, is situated in Kalimpong, a small town in the peak of Rishila. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries also denotes a major part of West Bengal tourism. 

Agriculture and tea gardens for the tourist-

West Bengal’s leading occupation is agriculture. Rice is the main food crop of the state. Other main food crops are oilseeds, tobacco, pulses, wheat and sugarcane. Jute is the other major cash crop of the state. Majority of the industries of West Bengal is situated in Kolkata. The industries are mineral rich. Manufacturing industries play a significant role in electrical equipments, electronics, steel, leather, jewellery, textile, wagons and railway coaches. Natural resources like jute and tea in nearby parts of the state and have West Bengal a major centre tea and jute industries. These industries play a vital role in contributing to state’s GDP. Tea tourism is picking up in West Bengal. Tourist companies are giving people a chance to actually till land for an hour or two, something which will make people feel one with nature. Moreover, there has been a increase in visits of tourists to tea gardens where the tourists are taught to pluck leaves.

No dearth of tourist infrastructure-

The headquarters of South Eastern Railways and Eastern Railways is Kolkata. They are the two allotments of the Indian Railways. The Kolkata metro is India’s first underground railway. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is one and only international airport of West Bengal. This has made tourism in West Bengal more prominent. The main river port of East India is Kolkata. West Bengal has all the facilities and infrastructure that a tourist will require!!

Traditions and festivals of West Bengal

Bengali is the main official language of the state. West Bengal is tradition rich state, when it comes to folk literature. The Baul tradition is distinctive legacy of its folk music. A one-stringed music instrument called ektara is also used in folk music of the state. Fish and rice is the favorite traditional food of the state. Fish made dishes are the favorite dishes of Bengalis. Durga puja is the most famous festival of the state. It is celebrated in October. Poila Baikash, also known as the Bengali New Year, Dolvatra, Rathyatra, Laxmi Puja, are the other main festivals of West Bengal. Poush Mela is considered as the most famous festival Shantiniketan, celebrated in winter. Since 1990, new form of music of new genres has emerged, famously known as the Jeebomukhi Gaan.

Tourism in West Bengal has improved a lot in past couple of years, and has attracted lot of tourists, not only Indian but also foreign tourists. So if you are planning a trip for some place, opt for West Bengal tourism, the best place to visit in India.

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