Top Temples In South India - Explore During Your South India Tours

Temple tours are quite famous in India, mainly in South India, where different states dominates with their many ancient, towering Dravidian masterpieces. Many of them have brightly painted sculptures on towers. These temples have rich religious significance and amazing architectural beauty that attract both devotees and tourists from across the world to see them. These temples also display some of India's greatest temple architecture that is the backbone of Tamil Culture. South India temple tours are sure to provide you something different and a unique image of India tourism that you have dreamt of. These different states have different temples at different cities. You can also plan for South India UNESCO Heritage Temple tours offered by renowned travel agencies.

Choose Attractive South India Tour Packages for Temples and Holy Places
Depending on your choice, you have to choose the right South India tour packages according to your choice and requirement. You have to find the right one that is convenient for you.

Visit Madurai in Tamil Nadu - Home to Famous Meenakshi Temple
It is home to the most important and impressive temple in South India - known as Meenakshi Temple. Your South India temple tour will be considered as incomplete without seeing this temple. Covering total area of 15 acres, it has 4500 pillars and 12 towers. This measurement is sufficient to call it massive. Here, 12 days Chithirai Festival is organized that feature a reenacted celestial wedding of the temple's god and goddess. This festival is organized in the month of April.

Tanjore or Thanjavur - Emerged as the Stronghold of Tamil Culture
Thanjavur is known for more than 70 temples built by Cholas. Out of them, the most outstanding one is Brihadeswara Temple or Big Temple. Now, it is UNESCO World Heritage Site that has turned 1000 years old in the year of 2010.

Kumbakonam - Very Close to Tanjore
Another pride of Hindu pilgrimage tour, Kumbakonam is located around 40 km from Tanjore that has 18 temples. Being a fabulous place for temples, Kumbakonam attract tourists during their south India tours The Sarangapani Temple is the most impressive one with a shrine in the form of a Chariot.

Kanchipuram - City of Thousand Temples
Kanhipuram - known as the city of thousand temples, is famous for temples and its distinctive silk sarees. The beautiful city is around 80 km from Chennai on the main road to Bangalore.  Here, you will see both Shiva and Vishnu Temples built by various rulers.

Rameshwaram - A Temple with Thousands of Years Old Religious Significance
The beautiful beach side is famous for Ramanathswamy Temple that is famous for its astonishing pillared hallway that is counted as the longest in India lining its perimeter. Not to mention endless rows of carved pillars that have mesmerizing painted ceiling.  

Chidambaram - Famous for Nataraj Temple
The beautiful city is famous for Nataraj Temple - dedicated to Lord Shiva performing the cosmic dance.

You will also see a number of other temples and pilgrimage destinations of South India during your customize package for India travels.

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