Top 4 Indian National Bird Sanctuaries

There are many wildlife sanctuaries and recreational areas in Native India. Offering abundant scope for the nature loving tourists and researchers from all around the world to seek these beautiful places in these wildlife sanctuaries. Native indian wildlife sanctuaries and recreational areas are full of their wildlife and plants. Every one wildlife sanctuaries and bird’s sanctuaries in Native Indian have its unique charisma and variety to offers for visitors. Some wildlife sanctuaries and recreational areas well-known for animals and some are well-known for gorgeous birds. You must visit most poplars wildlife sanctuary of India to see enchanting and exotic wildlife and plants.


India is land of the graceful monsters, rhinos, majestic lions, chital, magnificent peacock etc in their natural habitation. The wildlife national park and sanctuaries offer chance to explore attractive wildlife and plants. You will love traveling in the most well-known wilds of Native Indian.


Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary – the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in the bank of river Brahamputra in Assam. The recreation area is also well-known for high population of lions. Some extra animals that can be mostly seen in the recreation area are hog deer, Native Indian buffalo, sloth beer, Neel Gaye, leopard cat, jackal, outrageous buffalo etc; it is also a birding paradise. This wildlife bird sanctuary is well-known for elephant opera, competition opera and pets.


Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary – it is in the estate of Rajasthan. Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary is one of the wonderful bird's paradises in the word. Bharatpur is a most well-known destination to the ornithologist. It is provides protection to the faunal species, sambar, Nilgai and boar, chital, water outrageous birds, migratory outrageous birds, the center of attention here are the migratory outrageous birds who come from the central Asia and Siberia to avoid winter. 


Sariska wildlife sanctuary – Sariska is in the alwar district of Rajasthan state. It is a most well-known nationwide recreation area or tiger reserve in Native Indian. Sariska wildlife sanctuaries is well-known for jungle cat, jackal, spotting tiger, rhesus horse, rabbit deer, leopard, woofing deer, hyena, tree pie, grey partridge, bush quail, wild dog, sand grouse, golden backed wood pecker.      


Periyar wildlife sanctuary – Periyar wildlife sanctuary is in the Native indian state of Kerala. Periyar is most well-known protected tiger refuge area, nature source or nationwide recreation area of Native indian. There are about 320 different type wonderful birds of avifauna found in this nationwide recreation area. The reservation park is full of its wildlife and plants. It is also have excellent destinations of ecotourism in Native India. Most important creatures found in this well-known creatures nationwide recreation area are Native India monsters, woofing deer, Royal Bengal lions, leopards, foxes mongoose, panthers, and nilgai, rabbit deer, Native India outrageous doges, langurs, and horse etc.

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