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This started in 2009, when Community colleges started promoting them through visa offices and soon they became popular among Indian students to the extent that they preferred Community colleges to universities for their professional course, which were almost guarantee for a successful carrier of Indian students going for these courses


Indians have been going to foreign countries for higher studies for long time. 


In pre independence British period, they used to go England during but later shifted to different other countries including United States, Australia and other European countries. Now most of our students are finding Canada as one of the most attractive education centers since they allow to work during studies and that helps Indian students to earn while they learn besides they get first hand working experience as well. 


Indian youth prefer to go to United States as their first choice but the recession has dampen some of the hopes of students who wanted to settle abroad after completing their studies. Although Indian youth still go to England and America for different professional courses but the number of people going to Australia and Canada is increasing for different reasons.


1- Easy visa facilities

2- Lesser expensive

3- Availability of professional courses

4- Work permit available to students

5-  Recession in European union and US

6-  Better work environment

7-  PR visa availability

8-  Canada according to United Nation’s survey provides best facilities for its residents.

9-  More than 200,000 visa available for studies

10- Many Canadian institutes included in the top 100 study centers of the world  


There are some other facts, which also help the cause of Indian students like our prime minister’s recent visit to Canada and his signing an agreement with Canada government that helps the cause of higher studies of Indian students. After the treaty was signed, 15 Canadian universities visited India to encourage Indian students to join their institutes and Indian institutes visited Canada to work in collaboration for the cause of betterment of educational environment. Both countries decided for selection of talented students, scholarship and their ‘paid research internship’ for 3-4 month duration in Canadian institutes on priority basis.

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