The Mysteries In The Life Of Sania Mirza


The life of Sania Mirza is filled with glamour and mysteries which brought her fame and name more than what she received through her playing tennis. But no one can deny the fact that she has a prominent role in bringing India to the forefront in the world of tennis. The truth is she could not get the full recognition for her talents and was always put under some sort of controversy. Though she rose to the heights of receiving Padma Shri awards from the government of India in 2006, she has always been a controversial figure to the religious fanatics.


Born of Imran Mirza and the journalist Nazeema Mirza in Hyderabad, she had great interest in tennis from the age of six. Her father trained her during her younger days. They were not able to give her the sophisticated training that she needed to perform in international matches. She managed to overcome these financial hurdles and established her presence as one of the renowned and talented player.


The attention of whole of India turned towards her when she won the Junior Wimbledon Doubles Championship even before she was 18. She climbed in the world ranking ladder with her outstanding returns and ground strokes and advanced to the level of 27th rank in the international order. She represented India in the Beijing Olympics. Due to her fame, many popular brands made her as their ambassador. She was into criticism for the short skirt she wears. The young people of India saw her as the fashion icon and started imitating her dress code and even her nose ring.


The newspapers and magazines often sneak into her personal affairs. When a man, Muhammad Ashraf entered her house saying that he loved Sania Mirza, this brought great bustle. Another one from Vijayanagar had her name as his wife in the B. P. L. ration card. Putting end to all these rumors she was betrothed to Sohrab Mirza, the boyfriend of her younger days. The function was conducted in Hyderabad in an extravagant manner and she wore a dress costing 20 lakh rupees on that day. But this relationship ended up in failure and the engagement broke off.


Sania Mirza finally married the Pakistan cricketer, Shoaib Malik. Her marriage was put under criticism by the Shiv Sena Party. To add fuel to fire, she announced that she will continue to play for India even after her marriage. The question how she could be physically in Pakistan but play for India became a bigger issue. This cross border love was not without controversies. A girl named Ayesha filed a suit claiming to be the first wife of Soaib Malik and even reported of bearing the child of Shoaib which ended in a miscarriage. At first he neglected this news but finally he had no way than to divorce her for marrying Sania Mirza. After his divorce the marriage was conducted on 12th April 2010 in Hyderabad. The marriage reception was kept in Lahore. When she got married to a Pakistani, Sania Mirza photos and Sania Mirza videos gained greater attention.

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