The Great Indian Education System.Or Is It?


Indian education system is fundamentally based on rote learning. How did it end up this way? In the beginning there was the Gurukul system where a student lives with a teacher and does whatever the teacher asks of him and in return the teacher teaches him about things he wouldn’t learn otherwise. That was the whole system. As time went on the system changed. New forms of education came about and some aspects of Victorian education too got imbibed into the Indian system. Due to the mix and match that happened our education system became haphazard and soon lost itself and its values.


Basically what is education for? Is it just to gain knowledge about different things and regurgitate said knowledge in exams and then forget about it? No it is not just random accumulation of facts. Education was once the chief reason a person’s life shaped up. Now it is only to get jobs. Everything in our country has been quantified and the human element has been removed. Is it the objective of the Indian education system to produce knowledge-bitten zombies?


I personally believe that education should provide values and morals to a student and not just knowledge. And rote learning is a sad way of accomplishing that. If you just read and remember things it doesn’t mean you have learnt it. What is the whole point of education then? Nowadays most students lose interest in this system. As the generations pass by the attention span of humans have decreased. This is mental evolution, plain and simple due to the advent of the latest technology which has made learning a redundant process. 


People are going to have to come up with something radical to stop the students from losing total interest and becoming skeletons. What needs to be done is a complete overhaul in our system. There should be more focus given to open book tests and practical assignments. Exams are required of course but the way they are conducted must be changed into something different and something that can be of some use to somebody. While I believe what is happening right now is not right, it is never too late. It will take time for the true change to come about but when it does the benefits will be there for everybody to see.

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