The First Talking Film Of Indian Cinema


 Alam Ara the first Talkie

It was 14 March 1931, when the first talking cinema started in India. Alam Ara was the first ever cinema shown in Majestic cinema hall on this day to create a new chapter in the Indian film world. It was an unbelievable incident and everyone wanted to witness therefore thousands of people gathered at the cinema hall. The era of talkie had replaced the movie with the release of Alam Ara. If dada sahib Phalke has began producing movies in India, Ardeshir Irani, the maker of Alam Ara gave sound to it.

The film Alam Ara provided Indian spectators the unique opportunity to enjoy the cinema with added facility of music and dialogues. With the release of Alam Ara, the acceptability of cinema increased in India and Phalke converted his silent movie ‘Setubandh’ into a talkie. Meanwhile producer V. Shantaram also released his first talkie ‘Ayodhya Ka Raja’ and the era of talkie completely replaced movie, the silent cinema.

However, the producers of talking cinema were facing lots of problem on different fronts because they had no proper technique to make the cinema. They had no soundproof studios, which was one of the biggest problems for them since they had to shoot during night hours when all vehicular noise by motors and local trains was stopped. 

Alam Ara

Alam Ara, the first talkie that attracted the big crowds had seven songs in it and the one, which received the most success ‘De de Khuda ke Naam pe’ was sung by Wazir Mohammad Khan. Although Khan was not the hero of the talkie but he got credit of becoming the first singer of Indian cinema. The film with main roles of Jubeda and Master Bitthal and support cast of Prthiviraj Kapoor and Jagdish Sethi was not free from disputes. Initially the producers did not offer the role of the hero to Master Bitthal because he was not an educated person but after he won the court case based on being a permanent employee of the company, he got the role of hero and successfully acted in Alam Ara.

However, the first talking film Alam Ara changed the scenario of Indian cinema. Now the Indian cinema was better established, was providing better job opportunities to instrumental technicians in musical instruments, photography, music direction, sound recording technicians, singers, etc despite all the challenges faced by the industry. By the way, we have no print available of this first talking film of the Indian cinema.   

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