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The editorial usually reflects the policy of a particular newspaper or magazine. The editorial is either written by the editor himself or by an established columnist. It is can at times be an article written by an assistant editor and signed by the editor or written by one of his principal editorial writers.

In the beginning editorial was a platform where the learned editors put forth their views and opinions about a contemporary issue. And the editors made no bones when they were criticizing something very caustically.

Presently, there is a debate going around if the editorials are losing importance in the daily press. With enormous transformation and diversification of the news and features carried in newspapers the editorial page and editorial columns have become a very small part of the total editorial operations of the press.  But, despite the growth of activities and interests in an increasingly complex society with its national and international ramifications, the editorial continues to occupy a significant position in nearly all the well-established newspapers, whether in the West or in India. In many newspapers the central column on the editorial page is often important thus testifying the value attached by the readers in general to anything that emanates from a recognizable writer, whether it is the editor himself or someone else.  

Nevertheless the editorial has survived as the expression of the newspaper’s views on current affairs, primarily because there is a strong feeling among those who conduct newspapers that the general readers attach value to the impersonal judgments and opinions expressed in the editorials. The readers even expect some lead from their favorite newspapers even on other subjects they may care to read or attach much importance to what the newspapers say. It is also one of the constant problems of the press to determine what influence editorials have on readers. Some studies made in India and elsewhere have shown that most readers are influenced to greater extent by what they read in the news columns than by the opinion expressed in the editorial columns. The readers tend to form their own judgment from the facts they gather from their newspapers, rather than from the views expressed by editorial writers or by others.     

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