The Concept Of Villain Is Changing In Bollywood


It was a time in Bollywood where actors were distinguished as either heroes or villains and in any instance hero is not at all willing to do the negative shades of a role. It has also happened many times that actors who have entered Bollywood as villains have later become successful heroes. For example: Shatrughnan Sinha. Shah Rukh Khan has also played many negative characters before he peacefully landed in the territory of romantic heroes of middle 90’s.  People feared a lot hearing the names of Jeevan, Pran, Amjath Khan and Amrish Puri. Though Pran is a nice name, no parent has ever dared to give this lovely name to his kid. Villains ruled people’s minds and brains. But now, it’s not the case. Bollywood has reached another phase of reformation where superstars themselves are playing the roles of villains in many movies and getting applause too.


It has occurred many times, when Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty have done villain character roles. The movie ‘Khal nayak’ and the arrest placed Sanjay Dutt in a villain image. Yet he was able to deliver memorable movies with romantic, comic as well as villain touches. Now many other actors have also entered that territory, perhaps they might be thinking of experimenting something new and fresh. Let me give a few examples. Dhoom series and Don sequels can be pointed out as the examples of such instances. Now the recent update is that Karan Johar is debuting as villain in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s next movie. Actually what has happened to Bollywood? Why established heroes are running behind negative roles, when such roles can bring black images to their acting career?


But one thing to be noted is that in the Doom and Don series, people loved to see villains onscreen than positive characters. In Doom series, Abhishek Bachchan acted as cop, yet people supported robbers – John Abhraham and Hritik Roshan with great applause. This will surely happen in its third package too. It’s predictable, as the actor who is playing the villain role in none other than Aamir Khan. Now I remember a Malayalam movie – Meesa Madhavan of 2002, where people loved the robber Dileep. Same is the case of Bollywood too. Is it because people are forgetting the roles played by their actors on screen and solely concentrating on the real hero? I feel so. People go to theatres to see their favourites irrespective of the roles played by them. He may be right or wrong, but audience always stands with their favourite hero. Is it because of star worship that people forget such simple things? Will it adversely affect the villain concept of present generation cinema? Will it adversely affect the mind of growing children and youth? Really needs a second thought!

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Just have a thought over it.

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