The Budget And Indian Workforce

The Budget

The annual fiscal budget of India that was proposed in parliament on 28 February was different this year in the sense there were no announcement which sound providing relief to people but prove to be futile in the long run. There was nothing in the budget provision that sounded an immediate relief in taxes but that was the perhaps the best part of this budget as it has lots of promises to uplift the economical conditions of deprived class. The money that will come in form taxes will be spent for housing the poor and developing the infrastructure sector that will provide jobs to millions of workers in unorganized labor sector. 

Indian Labor

Before considering what might be possible in Indian conditions in today's Indian labor market with large number of workforce in casual or part time jobs there are very few benefits or no benefits for their families by the central or state governments. The present government is trying to give more importance for uplifting the standard of life of the people coming into ‘below poverty line’ category’. The present central government is trying to concentrate more on youth and aged people living in poverty.

Our priorities 

This kind of attitude of the present government should work positively and effectively meet the demands if our government looks to it that the government machinery and bureaucracy was willing and they were clear about their values and intentions. In fact such policies work effectively only when the intention to execute them with strict hands at top level and keep a strict vigil on lower level.

Free hand to employers

In India our governments have in most cases not taken advantage of the labor force available to this country unlike China which is probably the best example that has become the largest manufacturing hub in the world and taking full advantage of its large workforce in almost every sector of the manufacturing. But resolving to this issue will need lots of sea changes in the present policies and provide empowerment to employers in order to give them a free hand and save them from clutches of inspector regime.        

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