The Bihar Elections Will Settle The Dust

The Bihar Election

The election for the Bihar assembly is round the corner and with that the game of mudslinging on each other begins by the state and national politicians. The people can clearly watch the way the leaders of different parties in Bihar have been behaving for last couple of months. In fact, the situation of political parties is different to what is normal or generally expected. Every party is trying to justify its stand in front of people of Bihar and making their agendas clear.

In fact, leaders of all the parties to name a few Nitish Kuma, Lalu Yadav, Sushil Kumar Modi, Ram Vilas Paswan, Jitan Ram Manjhi and Pappu Yadav are talking straight and putting forward their views without any hesitation. All of them have reached to certain agreements while many points have yet to be decided but Indian politics being what it is there is every chance everything will be final before the actual election process begins.

The Uniqueness of Indian politics

Now, look at the present combinations of the political parties in Bihar. Lalu yadav and Nithish Kumar were associated for years but then they separated ways and stayed away for almost a decade and a half. However they are back in the same group. Nithish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi were in power together for eight years but now playing rivals.

 Jitan Ram Manjhi who was chief minister of Bihar until recently after Nitish Kumar resigned after general elections in 2014 had worked as minister with Lalu Yadav as well in Nitish Kumar’s governments has launched a new party (Hindustani Awam Morcha) and now negotiating with NDA.

Pappu Yadav who used to be one of the chief associates of Lalu Yadav is now trying to take his own share from Lalu’s vote bank. And not to forget the union minister ram Vilas Paswan who is trying to keep his party’s prestige intact as well.

Here the question arises, are we entering into a new political era. That is for sure as India is passing through an entirely new phase of political changes with new agreements in between different political parties. Let’s hope for the best for the political stability of our country.

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