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Never store the re-heated food again in refrigerator. Cooked food kept hours outside should never be placed inside refrigerator. Never use frozen fish or meat after one week. Such tips are common and known to all house wives. Through this column let me provide a few more tips for you. Though we store almost all things in refrigerator most of the house wives have no idea about the right temperature needed to store each ingredient in the refrigerator. Temperature needed to store fruits and vegetables is not to equal to that needed for curd and cheese. In most cases house wife never keeps regularity in storing things in fridge. She just dumps where she gets some free space. That’s not the right way. Let me give you a brief idea about the temperature needed for each article so that it remains healthy for long.


  • It’s always nice to store fruits and vegetables separately. For all types of vegetables, the lowest space is suitably the best. The lowest tray is almost 10 degrees, most suited for storing vegetables.
  • Highest temperature is in the interior doors of refrigerator. Bottle water, soft drinks, pickles, curry powders etc need only that temperature to store. So side doors can be used to store these things; they stay long.
  • You can also store coffee powder and asafetida also in this side door. Coffee powder won’t clot and asafetida stays stiff too, free of melting. Side doors are also best to store biscuits; they remain stiff and crisp.
  • Service your fridge periodically and repair it if needed. Idol temperature needed inside normal trays is 4 degree celsious to keep food without damage. Temperature inside freezer is up to -10 degrees. If fridge has some complaint temperature may rise above it and damage food items. It increases your electricity bill also.  
  • In any case if your refrigerator stays above 4 degree celsious for more than 2 hours, never use the food items inside it. If the fridge is off and door is not opened yet, its temperature should never be above 10 degrees.
  • Never overload your fridge with items as it blocks the free passage of air circulation inside it. You can also adjust the temperature to different levels as per the total items stored.
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