Tell Me Some Of The Health Benefits Of Organic Foods

With the recent craze for organic foods, it is necessary for most of us to first know what this type of food actually is, before we go on to know all about the health benefits of this type of foods. It is best to describe organic foods as foods that are produced by natural methods without the use of modern synthetic inputs and chemical fertilizers. 

It is again important to note that these foods neither contain genetically modified organisms nor are processed with irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. It is true that organic produce produced with harmony to nature meets high safety and cleanliness standards and definitely bring about a lot of health benefits to the modern man.  

The high nutrition value and concentration of nutrients, sometimes as high as 3 times of those produced by chemical methods makes it an ideal choice for the modern man. It is worthwhile noting that organic produce grown in good quality soil and so retains more vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for a longer time. This maximizes our nutrient intake proving that organic produce is much better for the body. 

Our children need the best of nutrition too with organic food helping even in the case of infants to protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals. The health benefits extend to using organic foods to build strong foundation of health right from childhood. The benefits extend to organic foods being free of chemical contaminants especially pesticides and other chemicals that are left as residues in chemically grown vegetables and fruits.

It is significant noting that chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in commercial farming help vegetable to grow faster and ripen quicker but surely destroy some of the natural nutrients of vegetables and fruits. Commercial farming does leave residues of pesticides and chemicals, with illegal and banned pesticides also being found in foods and the water. One could never overlook the long-term damage caused with some of the fat-soluble pesticides to us in the long run. 

It is best to realize that organic farming are less likely to produce products that are carriers of harmful diseases especially E-coli bacteria as improved food cleanliness and safety form the overall hygiene of farming practices. It is significant noting that less of addictive flavoring and preservatives are used in processed foods like crackers, bread, chips, canned foods. Looking through the food labels of products in the supermarket would convince you of this aspect. 

We never realize the amount of food poisoning we carry out on ourselves and it is frightening to know that many of the chemicals used in modern farming could create a foundation for a number of health disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral disorders, birth defects, obesity, and cancer. I am sure we would like to be saved of these health disorders. 
Maintenance of healthy body weight is one of the positive health benefits of organic food, for these foods are packed with nutrients and once your body’s nutritional needs are met, you will stop eating. This proves a definite advantage over consuming refined and junk foods that more of empty calories and harmful chemicals that result in excess eating, obesity, and a whole host of serious lifestyle diseases.

So why don’t you kick-start your habit to start eating more of organic fruits, vegetables and farm produce? 

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