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Tandoori chicken recipe is yet another chicken recipe type that will melt into your mouth. If you have never tasted tandoori chicken recipe in your life then I will openly say that you have lost a great thing in your life. Still you have time and that is why you are reading this article. Tandoori chicken recipes are usually made with the help of special tandoor hobs that need charcoal. The smoke of charcoal adds more taste to the chicken variety. However many people do not have this stove in their homes and look out for an alternate. Definitely there is some alternative to this.

You have gas oven tandoors available in stores both online and offline. This is a onetime investment well worth it. This works like tandoori hob but with the traditional gas stove. You can also prepare your tandoori chicken recipe with the help of oven toaster griller or using the grill option of your microwave oven. I cannot say that you will get that great taste of burnt charcoal with these stove varieties but still you will be able to get closer match in the taste of the tandoori chicken recipe.

When you search for tandoori chicken recipe online you will get countless websites giving you different types of ingredients. Now the question will arise in you, which tandoori chicken recipe is correct? According to me all are correct when considered with their taste buds. After analyzing a variety of recipes I found out that the main ingredients for making it is:

Chicken – whole or chopped 500 grams (boneless chicken is preferred)

Lemon juice for marinating

Salt to taste

Yogurt – 1 small cup

Ginger garlic paste – 2 tablespoons

Garam masala – 1 tablespoon

Onion and lemon for garnishing

Whether you are cooking with whole chicken or chicken pieces, you have cut the flesh at random places. This will help in absorption of all the spices properly and will make it tasty. Marinating is very essential for tandoori chicken recipe. All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients and keep it in refrigerator for four to six hours.

Lemon juice makes the chicken pieces tender and helps in the absorption of all the spices. The yogurt acts as a medium for mixing the dry spices while enhancing the taste of the end product. The ingredients are only the basic needs of tandoori chicken recipe. You may add your favorite products if you like. For example if you like the taste of pepper you may add pepper and if you like that of cumin seeds you may add that too.

After marinating bring it back to the room temperature and grill it for half an hour. Apply oil with brush in between for making it crispy. If you want to prepare it with conventional oven you have to preheat it before you start to cook. Small grills with handle are available at affordable prices in shops. You can also keep it over gas flame and put the chicken over it and grill it directly. Garnish the tandoori chicken recipe with spring onions and neatly cut lemons and coriander leaves. You will be the center of attraction among your guests.


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