Swine Flue Is Coming Back

Swine flu is back

Beware the dreaded swine flue is back in our country and according to sources almost 450 cases have been reported during the last five weeks. The center of the disease is Rajasthan for the time being although Delhi our capital has also seen more than sixty cases during this period. I must mention here that it is happening at such a big level after almost two years, as the cases during last two years were almost negligible.

What should we do?

Although health officials are worried and investigating the reasons of spreading of swine flue at such a mass scale however, they have not succeeded yet to know its reasons but one reason is obvious that H1N1 always breaks out at the time when weathers change. The virus of swine flue is activated especially, in cold weather. In addition, to add to problem the places not cleaned properly may face it more intensely. Therefore, it is advised to keep surroundings clean or at least help keep them free from garbage etc that people spill in lanes and roads unmindful of its after effects.

Let me tell you

Swine flue stuck India along with other countries of the world in 2009 but its virus H1N1 became weaker by the end of 2010 to make people believe that it has gone for good. Nevertheless, the way it has come back at such an alarming way is clear indication that it would hit people more forcefully this time around as almost 120 persons have died so far in such a short time span. I am worried as in Delhi alone six have died with almost 60-70 more under treatment and this may have some cases which have not been reported so far or under private treatments.


Let me tell you few facts about this dangerous disease

1- Swine flue is a respiratory disease which spreads through H1N1 virus

2- Although this disease basically found in pigs or swine as the name suggests but it has become a human problem and spreads through cough, cold and sneeze

3- The symptoms of swine flue are almost the same as common flue which make it more dangerous as it takes long to detect the virus

4- Nausea and diarrhea are some of the main symptoms of swine flue

5- Children under five, pregnant women, senior citizens, patients suffering with asthma, diabetes and immunosuppressive illness need to be more careful.  

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Suny says-  take care and keep surroundings clean.

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