Supreme Court Acts Against IT Act 66A

Supreme Court trashes IT Act 66A
The Indian Supreme Court has struck down much disputed IT act 66A in one of its verdicts on 24 March declaring against freedom of expression and declaring against the constitutional rights of citizens. Supreme Court is right in its verdict the act was being misused on mass scale in different states. The act empowered police to arrest anyone posting anything against influential ones including the politicians. However, despite the act being discarded there should be control of law enforcement agencies having a proper right to keep a strict watch over the activities in social media. In my views there should be a proper regulatory that keeps situation under control.

The views of political parties
Incidentally both major national parties of India, the INC and the BJP have been criticizing the act from time to time but none of these parties ever tried to abolish this act therefore the Supreme Court took the initiative and ended this one-sided act on petitions of social activists. There were many negative points that went against this otherwise good act that was brought to keep insulting, inflammation, unwanted cartoons, etc out of social media.

The controversial act

The worst part of IT act 66A was it did not specify how a post was judged harmful, defamatory, anti-religious or bullying but depending on personal views of a particular person. What a person liked could be unlikable in the views of others and going into deeper police had right to arrest even if the charge was not serious but just to please the influential ones. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons no government wanted to intervene or withdraw such a controversial act. There are examples when police registered cases against people posting very ordinary comments.

We should applaud the decision of Supreme Court for removing an anti-people act from the rule-book and restore the freedom of expression. We should consider it good step but some of the credit should go to the particular persons who fought for this rightful step. However, the legal provisions are still there which can take proper action under other provisions of Indian Penal Code that is considered insulting to anyone or insulting anyone's religious feelings.    

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