Sunitha Nedungadi

Sunitha Nedungadi is one of the best known Ghazal singer in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Urdu language with a magnificent voice that stir her listeners. She has a unique capability to sing along with swift changes to match emotions that stimulate the dormant mind. Sunitha has also proved her prowess in the field of acting and left her audience spellbound and mesmerized. Her talent as an actress has been explored by leading film directors.


Another addition to the great tradition of gazal singers hailing from India, Sunitha Nedungadi started her career with the Carnatic music at a tender age. Her repertoire consisted mainly of ghazals, geets, devotional and other forms of light music. Her success with stage programs and music albums paved the way for the creation of musical bands – Sahiti and Laya conducting programs all over the world. Her contribution to the music videos didn’t go unnoticed, earning her entry to the world of acting in films through the National Award Winning Director Sri Priyanandan. Even though she had ventured into films, she still remained much focused on her career as a Hindusthani Classical Ghazal singer


With her rich and soulful voice, she carved a niche for herself. With the massive acclaim that Sunitha received from her contributions, she found herself on the path to musical success and the beginning of a prolific music career. Ghazal fans, Music lovers and Filmgoers can expect much more from her.


Sunitha Nedungadi is a popular ghazal, geet, light music singer in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Urdu languages. She has sung for movies in Malayalam and Tamil. She also does devotional concerts. She is also an actress of repute – having worked with very talented and leading film directors. Her talent as an actress has been explored by leading film directors like National Award winners Priyanandanan, MG Sasi, etc. Her musical talents were brought to light through various forums, films, TV and stage events.


She received her musical training under Sri Avadhoot Gupte from Pune and Sri Asim Ali from Mumbai under whom she got her devotional inspiration from. Later, renowned musicians Late Puthupariaram Unnikrishnan, Shri Mannoor Raja Kumaran Unni, and Smt Sai Geetha taught and nurtured her in Carnatic / Devotional songs. She was also invited to conduct various stage shows all over the world – including Swaralaya Fest, Nishagandhi, Tunjanparambu(Tirur, Kerala), Chennai Kalasabha, Pune. She has performed at various temple festivals in India, UAE, and Bahrain. Her recent innovations in devotional concerts to satisfy the tastes of all types of audiences have received an overwhelming response from all parts.

Notable Devotional Music albums:

  • Krishna Kaleeya Leela – Hindustani style bhajans/chants – directed by Pandit Ramesh Narayan
  • Sandhya Vandanam – by Raghavan Master

Music Albums:

  • Pulari
  • Vezhambale
  • Gatha KaalaSmaranakal
  • Tanha
  • Ripples
  • Yaad

Some of these album songs are telecast in leading Hindi TV channels frequently

As a Mini Screen artist:


  • Krishna Kaleeya Leela – Hindustani style bhajans/chants – directed by Pandit Ramesh Narayan

As an Actress:

  • SoofiParanja Katha – by Priyanandanan
  • NILAVU – from Bahrain , directed by Ajith Nair
  • PookalParanjathu – by Nandajan
  • Janaki- by MG Sasi
  • ThozhilKendrathilekku – by MG Sasi
  • Bhakta JanangaludeSraddakku – by Priyanandan
  • Ivan Megharoopan – by P Balachandran
  • NjanNinnoduKoodeUndu – by Priyanandanan
  • Veeraputran – by PT Kunju Mohamed


  • The song from IVAN MEGHAROOPAN won her FM Mirchi award for the best new singer for the year 2016, the best playback singer by Malabar Film Society, All India Lions Club. She was awarded the best mini screen singer for her program in Jaihind TV named Krishna Malhaar adding another feather to her cap.


  • She won the Global Human Peace University’s best singer award for the year. She won the award in recognition of her performances across the world.
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