Sunitha - The Champion

India is the country which supports unity, non violence. Sunitha is a social activist who mainly concentrates on the qualities of symbols of India like Unity, Non-violence, Environmental safety, etc. and try to bring awareness on them in the society. She is working for years to achieve this in the society. She is one and only lady Indian Tourist who has been selected for “Campion of Change” award which will be honored by America Government every year.

Sunitha the champion says “I was born and brought up in Chennai, I am from a very traditional family. I used to listen many tail stories in my childhood, I have also learnt many Mantras and Shlokas which thought me about love and justice. And this may be the reason that I always think of doing something good to the society”

Past from 30 years she has been fighting for Female protection and for female right in the society. She is one of the committee members of an organization called “Fornt line womens Human Rights Organization” which has been started 15 years back with some committee members. With the help of this organization she fought for the right of Afganisthan Females. Till today she is still the board member of this organization.

Besides this for the sake of environmental welfare and for the welfare of the society she has started a organization called “Sadhana”. This society mainly gets awareness about how to live life without effect the environment and also concentrates on the development of relationship between the Indians who stay abroad. The Sadhana organization has also done many projects regarding the achievement of its goals.

She says “We have to always protect out environment and see that we keep our environment clear and tidy, environment is like mother to us, we have take care of her which has given us so many wonderful thing, if we neglect the environment, we have to suffer a lot and the worst part will be suffered by the next generation” saying about women “ we have to respect women, she plays very important roles in each and everyone’s lifes without a women there is nothing in this world”

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