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Deepika Kant who was born in the year 1989 is suffering from disease called Cerebral Palsy. Her smile say nothing is impossible in this world and the sparkle in her eyes shows her confidence level and her life teaches all of us that nothing is impossible and everything can be achieved if one has the courage, confidence and patience within us.

Deepika who was born in the year 1989, they are 3 female children to her parents and Deepika is the second child. Though she reached the age of 12 months, she was unable to roll herself, her parents consulted doctor and was shocked to hear from the doctor that she was suffering from a disease called Cerebral Palsy. Doctor told them that at the time of delivery, when the baby will get insufficient oxygen, this type of disease occurs, not only this but she will also have many health disorders, but one good thing was that her brain is good and will work as a normal brain. Listening this parents decided to give what all Deepika wanted and they also decided to encourage her in which ever filed she wanted to work out. Deepika’s mother says that, sometimes she even felt that why this kid has born to me, but now she feels guilty about thinking.

Her early age and her early education everything was at home. Later she joined a school, her father used to drop her and her mother used to stay always with her, help her in all aspects. Her classmates was always staring at her and her teachers also had many doubts on her about education and grasping power, later all of them started believing her seeing her talents. She did her Phd in Nuro sciences which was her great achievement.

Her father Mr APS Kanth who was working in Airforce, got a transfer from Pune and Chennai. Due to her health condition she has to take many different type of medical test and she used to regularly visit doctor, this cultivated her interest in studying Life Sciences, and she succeeded in securing this degree of Life Science BAC.

She says she always received all kind of support from her family, her sisters was always helpful to her and her brother in law was just like a brother to her who take care of her like a small child.

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