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A lot of process is involved in web designing. Web design is an art of the web designers. Web design is the skill of the designers who work for website design companies. And some designers work as freelancers as well. These freelancers earn only when they have some projects with them whereas web designers are paid a handsome salary while working with website design companies.   


The designers need requisite amount of patience and skill to design a beautiful website which can attract the viewers of the website. The skill includes proper implementation of the images to be put in the website, the color contrast has to be perfect, the text font should be supported in all web browsers, the background color or the theme color should not be too loud which creates a bad impression on the minds of the viewers, a beautiful logo placed in the proper location in the website template which looks visible whoever surfs the website. Initially, web designers mainly do the designing part in Photoshop. Later, they convert the website template into HTML file and handover the same to the web developers.


We developers are the ones who take care of the back end of any website. Web designers take care of the front view or front end of any website. On the contrary web designers take care of the coding part in any website. Behind every web page there are some coding which are done by web developers also known as programmer. Designing and development goes hand in hand in every website design company.  Web developers again work on various computing languages such as PHP, Joomla, Java, MYSQL, ASP, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET, NET MVC, etc. There’s no less need of a web developer in a website design company. 


Top web design companies hire experienced and skilled employees. These companies hunt for bigger clients from whom they can make lot of money. Top web design companies never likely to experience with inexperienced employees. Because for them their reputation and time is very much important. Almost all website designer and developer have a dream to work in one of the best website design companies. But the mystery lies these best website design companies need whom? These well known companies always have a mindset to recruit the hard working and creative minds.


There are many  web development company in India, whose core activity is to develop websites. These companies develop E commerce websites, dynamic websites, API integration, Payment gateway integration, etc. With time Web Development Company in India has become a necessity for the market. Lastly, Web Design Company in India is not only confined to its website designing and development activity. Rather some of the web design company in India performs some other activities such as designing – brochures, prospectus, pamphlets, fliers, business cards, newsletters, online marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM/PPC(Search Engine Marketing/Pay per Click), SOM (Social Media Optimization), and many more. Thus, website designing and development has become an integral part of the IT sector.

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