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Panchayats – the smallest unit of a nation integrates together to form the biggest democratic country of the world. Good beginnings though small, play a significant role in cementing the development of a country and through this column let me introduce the readers to a few Panchayats of Kerala which became popular for one reason or another.


Electricity @ Every Home – Kannadi Gram Panchayat of Palakkad owns the credit of first Kerala Panchayat made electricity available to each and every home of its region.  


Tourism Village – Kumbalangi village belonging to Ernakulam district is the eco-friendly tourism village of Kerala. The village aims at promoting tourism, yet remaining close to nature and environment. Kerala’s traditional culture, fishing and nature’s beauty of this beautiful village attract tourists a lot.Kumbalangi is one among those 32 villages chosen by UNO for the development of tourism, indeed a great achievement!


Power Panchayat – In India, for the first time, under the governance of grama panchayat, electricity was produced in Painkulam of Idukki district. The project started in 2004 produces 10 kilowatt power, enough for the requirements of Painkulam panchayat. It works in association with Mankulam grama panchayat and United Nations industrial development organization.


Child-friendly Panchayat – Venganur panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram is Kerala’s first child-friendly panchayat, which aims at identifying the real talents and potential of kids to encourage them to pursue their dreams. The great social leader Ayyankali was born in Venganur. The first school for dalits was also established in Venganur.


No.1 in E-literacy – Pallichal Panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram district was declared as the first e-literate panchayat of the state. Once it was a destination of Buddhist monks, and their ashrams were known as ‘Palli’. That’s how the place got the name – Pallichal.


100% Hi-tech – Vellanad panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram district owns the credit of completely computerizing all services of the Panchayat which include fees remission, tax payment and certificate issue.


First Balapanchayat – Nedumbasseri of Ernakulam district introduced balabhavans to all wards of the panchayat. Balasabha which aimed at child development was initiated in 2003-2004 and was declared in July 2006.


No.1 in literacy – Nedumudi panchayat of Alappuzha has 97.73 literate persons, which is higher than any other panchayats. Adaar for all its residents – the process was first completed in Ambalavayal Panchayat of Wayanad.


Complete Eye donation -  Cheru Kulathur of Kozhikode is the first Indian Panchayat which was declared ‘Complete eye donated’ Panchayat and it was declared by M. T. Vasudevan Nair in 2003.


Tribal panchayat – Idamala kudi of Devikulam Taluk, Idukki is Kerala’s first 100% tribal panchayat, which include many backward castes and tribes. 35000 acres of this Panchayat is forest area and one should travel at least 18 kms by foot to reach here.     

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